Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Some of you may have heard of this website, Zulilly, it is an American site that is kinda of like a 'GroupOn', but it has to do with Moms, kids and babies! They send you updates of new 'deals' and it kinda seems to me that they really support smaller businesses, which is awesome!

What's a bit different than a 'GroupOn' deal, is they offer the deals for multiple days, obviously depending on the business. So you have some time to decide and research if necessary.

The first item I ordered from Zulilly was my beloved MomAgenda!! They offered it for about half the price it usually is and I was trying to wait unitl the end of the year to use my old one up! If you have never heard of a MomAgenda and like the idea of a snazzy planner to carry around, I highly suggest you check out their website!!

From MomAgenda

Since then, I keep my eye on their deals, until the other day this super cute diaper bag came up! I had already gotten rid of Little Misses old one and had started to keep my eye open for a new one for #2!!!  I had never heard of this brand, Baya, so I did a little searching online to see what other sites carried their product...they were all more expensive than this deal and had less items going with it! Plus I hadn't seen anything I really liked at the other box stores.  My next big decision was, which colour!!

I had narrowed it down to the; aqua and chocolate, coral and chocolate and the tangerine and chocolate...after much decision...

Tangerine and chocolate

It arrived the other day and it was just like Christmas!! So pretty! Plus all the little extras!! A change pad, insulated bottle holder, a cosmetic or baby wipes pouch and a wallet! I couldn't be happier! Thank goodness Hubby doesn't care about the colour of the diaper bag (not that  it's too girly) and we have a small nylon messenger style bag tucked away that we had gotten free from Similac or some other formula company. So he can (or I can) go smaller if needed!

The only thing I can think of, is that you have to create a membership (it's free) to browse around at the deals...but who knows what you may find!!

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  1. Thanks for your research and article..very interesting and will check it out since I am the Grammie of #2 also!!
    Love Mom!


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