Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Whitty Farms

Around Niagara, there is a farm or stand almost around every corner. We are very blessed to live in such a 'rich' region where there is an abundance of fruits and veggies that grow.

One of our favourite places is, Whitty Farms. I think I was sent there for strawberries by my neighbours a few years ago and we have been going back ever since!!

Once the season gets rolling, they have a wide selection of fruits and some veggies...I always buy my corn is always sweet. I also pick up my tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peppers and BUTTER TARTS there!!  The tarts are SO Grandma also made the yummiest butter tarts, but since she doesn't make them anymore, these are the best substitute I have found!  Sometimes when you go somewhere they look great on the outside, but are too runny inside or just taste like sugar and don't have any 'taste' to them. But these...are awesome!  They also make a selection of other tarts, cookies, quiches and pies there as can smell them baking while picking up your other favourites.

They also sell these yummy looking flatbreads...I want to try to make my own!

There are a couple other stands that we visit when we head out on our errands...around the corner from Whitty's is where I get my cukes and they are the only place I've found peas...the kind you split open and have big, fat, sweet peas to snack on.  We never cook them for a meal, we nibble on them as we drive around and they usually don't make it home!

I already blogged about the stand where I get our peaches...they are SO delicious this year! We have been eating them non-stop!

Here is Little Miss enjoying her butter tart, they were still warm that mouth is watering as I type!  I really just need to get brave and make my own pastry and try my Grandma's recipe! If they turn out, I'll let you know!

As we headed home, we past this sunflower field...I explained to Little Miss how they turn their 'heads' towards the sun and follow it each day...she thought that was pretty neat!

Where are your favourite spots to stop??

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Back in June, Hubby was visiting his family in the states and I was here at home with Little Miss...His parents were going to be driving him home and coming for a visit...SO....I half jokingly say to him that now would be a good time to get that Ikea couch and chair we had been talking about since we'll need more seating...especially if we watch a movie downstairs!!  So what was his response??? 'Go for it.'  No need to tell me twice!

So I instantly jumped online and got all the info of the ones I wanted and gave them a call to have it delivered!  I then found out that ordering over the phone takes 1-2 weeks and the print I wanted was out of stock and may not get anymore...grrrrrr (it seems that every time I finally go to get something there, it isn't in stock!!) So...about 40mins later, I packed up Little Miss and we were off to Ikea!!

We arrived and made our way through the showroom to finalize our order and then it was off to the ordering desk!! The shipment would arrive the next day around dinner time!  Woo, hoo!!

Little Miss and I organized to have the old couch taken downstairs and cleaned up the living room to have it ready for the new arrivals!

Now, some of you may not know this, but Ikea furniture (even the couches and chairs) are a 'put it together yourself' kinda thing...I was a little intimidated when I saw the huge boxes arrive...I looked at the instructions and wondered what I had gotten myself into!

Little Miss helped me open and empty the boxes and away I went at putting it together! The sofa all came neatly packed in this ginormous box, there really wasn't that many pieces either.

You can see the seat and back rest area...the 2 holes on either side are where the bolts for the armrests/sides go into and hold it in place...the instructions actually say that to stay happy, 2 people should put it together...well it was just me!
It really wasn't that hard, but the most challenging part for me was, to tip the sofa forward to attach the nuts afterwards to hold it in was kinda top heavy...and the instructions also say to do it on a carpet or soft surface...yes, I would agree to that...I have a few scratches in my hardwood flooring now!  :(

The slipcover is on and I'm putting the covers on the cushions!

The finished result!! YEAH!! I liked these cushions (still do) but they don't go with my coastal theme, so I took them back :(

The next day, Little Miss and I put the matching chair together...

 This box was a little smaller, but still neatly packed like the sofa.

It was just as easy to put together as the sofa...just one small challenge...remember those 2 holes for the armrest bolts to go into? of those holes was NOT drilled!!??  I got on the phone and called the store...there response to my emergency dilemma? I could drive back to the store and they could replace the one part that was damaged.  What??!!  I had company arriving in 3 hours! I didn't have time to drive 40mins up with it...and 40mins back!!??  Come on!!!

So...thank goodness for my favourite woodworking teacher from high school (Mr. Yeo) and the skills I gained from his classes!!  I went downstairs to hubby's workroom, grabbed the drill, bits and measuring tape.  I seriously measured about 5 times where the hole should be drilled, measured the other holes to see if it seemed right, grabbed the drill, said a prayer and started drilling!!  I drilled nice and slow and also prayed that I didn't drill through to my hardwood floor!  I grabbed the armrest, lined it up, held my breath and pushed it went in!! Woo, hoo!!  Little Miss jumped for joy that it had gone well and we finished putting it together.

Little Miss even helped finish off the feet ( I later bought the huge felt circles for the bottoms at Dollarama that fit perfectly!)

Ta Da!

So when it all comes down to it, am I happy with my white slip covered Ikea purchases?? YES!  I know some may gasp when they read 'white'??!! But they have been easy to take care of, I haven't even washed them yet! They have been here for 2 months now...could they be washed? Sure, there are a few marks on them, but we have created some rules for the living room anyway...snacks at the table, drawing on the table, no wet clothes on the furniture etc., all reasonable rules for furniture anyway.

So what are you waiting for?? Go ahead, get that piece you have been wanting!! Enjoy it!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

After the storm!

If you live in Ontario, then you know about the storm that swept across the southern part of the province last night... I don't think it was as sever as the Meteorologists thought it was going to get, but the sky was sure lit up!  We lost power for a few hours around 10pm, but all was fine by branches down or anything really...just a  good watering for the plants!

This morning, Little Miss and I made our way to the beach to check it out...if you are along the coast after a storm, you will know that this is the best time to get seashells!  So I thought maybe there would be a some beach glass to pick up!

You have probably noticed that usually there is a 'line' on the sand from where the waves hit and leave a 'line' of debris, whether it's seaweed, grasses, shells, rocks or driftwood.  Today there were multiple lines on the of the lines was about a 1/4 of the way up the sand towards the parking lot!  That must have been some serious wave action last night!

Above you can see Little Miss running between 2 of the the very last picture I am behind these 2 lines and the 3rd line was still way behind me towards the parking.

At the one end of the beach (behind Little Miss in the last picture) there is a fence that divides what I think is a boat ramp area, from the public beach...we walked over to that boat ramp area to discover this little rocky/pebbly beach.  You can see the 2 lines in the above picture as well...we did find some beach glass amongst these rocks, big pieces mostly, but there were a lot of pieces that we not smoothed out and ready to take home yet.

Little Miss and I managed to fill my back pockets with beach glass and she even found a nickel and a 'cats eye' marble too.  I also picked up some small pieces of driftwood to use in making my own little sailboats.  I saw it over at Emerald Cove...I have been searching for the perfect pieces ever since!!

So our treasures have been cleaned, dried and added to their dishes for display...maybe we will hit another beach tomorrow and see what we can find there!!

Happy Hunting!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Picnic yummies!

Yesterday was our church picnic and Hubby and I were in charge of cooking the meat...we had ribs and chicken on the grill....oh how delicious they were!!!

We have learned that the trick to 'fall of the bone' ribs are to follow these few easy instructions!

1. Cut ribs into 4-5 rib sections and place in a large pot, cover with water.
2. Cut a cooking onion into quarters and place into the pot (add another onion if using a large stock pot).
3. Peel 2-3 cloves of garlic and add to the pot as well.
4. Bring pot to a boil and cook for 1.5hrs.
5. Let water and ribs come to room temperature before draining (this is the most crucial step, to tenderize the meat!)
6. Drain water and discard garlic and onions.
7. Place ribs into a ziploc baggie or container and add your favourite BBQ sauce...let marinade for a day!!!!

Last year we used 'The Keg' BBQ sauce, this year I couldn't find it so I bought a few different PC (President Choice) sauces and we mixed them! I used the:
                  PC BBQ Sauce - Bold Original,
                  PC BBQ Sauce - Chicken and Rib and the
                  PC Smokin' Stampede sauce that I used in this blog.

The reviews are in and this year's tasted better!

I also made this salad...

This Orzo with Roasted Vegetables is a Barefoot Contessa recipe and it was super delicious!

I also made this Peach Cobbler by Paula first cobbler ever, it went over really well, we came home with one serving left!  The only thing I'd alter, is to add some more peaches to it (like maybe 2 more peaches cut up)...and I did put the cinnamon on it!

What delicious picnic favourites are you making this summer?? Let me know!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spray painting!

Yesterday, Hubby and I got some things around the house done...the weather was beautiful to be outside and we didn't have any commitments. Our neighbour actually had a garage sale and I picked up a cute little metal shelf for our 'cabana'.  

What 'magic' a little spray paint can do!!  I am usually the one who plays it safe and sprays/paints it white, but I changed my mind this day!

  This little plant stand had some pretty good rust spots on it, so I used a wire brush and brushed away at it!  It actually use to be my Grandma's...what a great retro piece!!

This black shelf is the one I got from my neighbour's garage had quite a few rusty spots and bubbles that I also took the wire brush didn't really even out the bumps, but it did get rid of most of the flakes that would show rust spots if it came off after I sprayed it.

And now here are the finished results!!!

This time I thought a 'pop' of colour would be nice for my soon-to-be painted white cabana...I found an aqua spray paint good for metal and thought it would be fun since I am planning on a   'beachy' feel in there.

I really like how this one turned out... all the bumps are not got from the top as I couldn't get it scraped completely flat, but I figure that something will likely be on top of it anyway.

I really don't have an exact place in mind for these yet...I am just believing that all my treasures will fall into their perfect place as I put the room together (Hubby keeps wondering 'why do I need another piece??') He will understand when it all falls together....

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

P.S. I know my fonts are all different this post..but I did some copying and pasting and can't get them all the they are just going to stay the way they are!!  ;)

Monday, August 08, 2011


As most of you know this summer has been beautiful....quite hot, but still beautiful.

So yesterday after church, we came home, changed and headed down to the water!  Little Miss loves to play at the park there and the beach is just on the other side.

 We always go for a Carousel ride, still 5 cents a ride, can't beat that for cheap family entertainment!!!

While Little Miss and Hubby went on for another ride, I walked down to the beach for a few minutes to myself and of course look for some beach glass!!  The water was lovely and I wished we had our swimsuits to go in...

I joined back up with my crew and we headed home for some homemade burgers, potatoe salad and tomato, basil, onion salad...we sat in the backyard and enjoyed the rest of the evening with some friends that stopped by!  Perfect ending to another beautiful day!

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