Monday, February 20, 2012

5 months

Well, we've made it past the half way mark and now it feels like crunch time!  You wait so long to get this far and then the rest of it flies by!!!

5 months

So we just had the 2nd ultrasound and they are 80% sure that it's a GIRL!!  She was quite busy moving around that day and had her legs crossed...but when they did get the right view there was an 'absence' of anything technicians agreed on the 'absence'...but we're still a little hesitant to go into full 'girl' mode. Hopefully there is still one more ultrasound in the immediate near future!!  We would like to know if we can start buying pink or not!! So many sales on right now too...especially since new baby will be a summer baby and Little Miss was a fall the clothes don't match up exactly. 

Baby Girl - 5 months

So the preparation is on!! Luckily we don't have to repaint the guest room (aka baby girl room) hasn't been painted since we moved in!!!! It was the only room that wasn't done! The paint is even sitting in the closet ready to go and the colours would work for a boy or a girl! But that will come after the basement. Downstairs the tv room area is quite large, so we have pretty much split it in half to create the new guest room (aka someday our master bedroom)! My Father in law has come up to help Hubby build the wall and get it ready!  So they started yesterday and have made some great progress. They are out at Home Depot right now getting some more supplies!

About to get started

Little Miss is super excited to be a 'big sister', she keeps telling me how excited she is about the baby. The morning of the ultrasound she told me that she hoped it was a girl, but if it was a boy that would be ok too. She said that she knew boys didn't like to play with Barbies, but that was ok, because she had a Ken doll that he could play with. So in her mind, she still had a playmate! ;)

She has now started to talk to the baby...she usually says 'good morning' or 'I love you baby', it's really sweet. Once we decided to tell her I was pregnant we would talk about how big the baby is each week. The few websites that I get weekly baby updates from include the approximate size of the baby and relate it to a fruit or vegetable. So if we don't have that item at home, we'll talk about it on our grocery store trips!  It has been a neat way to keep her interested and involved in the baby's growth.

Almost the end of day 1
Day 2, all wiring and drywall on one side done

Day 3, insulation and finished drywall

We decided to include our own little touches to the wall...Little Miss drew a picture of herself at the beach to put in the wall and she chose a little cowboy toy doll that we taped onto the inside as well. Just something kinda fun. A friend of mine, when her father built their family cottage, he included 'things' in each wall...not sure if it's letters or items or if they ever build on or rebuild they have some 'treasures' from their Dad who has passed away.

It has been great to have my father in law with us, we never seem to get enough time when we go down. Plus it's great for Hubby to have his Dad mostly to himself since we live so far away.  :D

Hope everyone is enjoying 'Family Day' and 'President's Day'!!


  1. Congrats! How fun and exciting and little miss looks pretty excited about it. You look adorable!

  2. You look so great Pam! The idea of putting "things" in the wall is so neat, kind of like a time capsule for when you're able to rebuild and such :)
    Good luck for the future months coming up and I'll try to stay united with my laptop enough to keep up with things :) xoxo

  3. From the ultrasound picture, tell Jason the baby looks alto like him!! hehe You look really good!! Miss you all!


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