Wednesday, March 14, 2012

6 months!!

So we are definitely into the home stretch now!!  It is hard to believe that I am already 6 months along...although I am starting to feel like it!! This belly of mine is growing and the kicking is getting harder!! A soccer player I think!

6 months
The basement wall has just been painted by my wonderful Hubby...It is Spring Break for Little Miss, so she and I have hit the road and headed north to my Mom's for part of the week. At home we have NO hasn't lasted more than about 3 days whenever it has snowed. So Little Miss has been happily playing outside in Grammie's 2 feet + of snow each day.  They only problem is that the warm weather has hit up here too and it is quickly melting!  Making a bit of a wet, soppy Little Miss, but she is having fun anyway!

Wall primed and ready to go!

This was the progress report Hubby sent me :)

Little Miss enjoying the snow!

Our time up north is almost over...the 3 girls will head south in a couple of days back to Niagara and then Grammie hops on a jet plane to the sunny south. I want to crawl inside her suitcase and go too!!  I am ready for a beach fix!!  Plus, there are WAY cuter maternity and baby clothes down there!! The colours are so dark and muted up here (for maternity clothes anyway)...I am ready for the soft blues, greens, pinks and fun colours!!  

This is what I'm taking about!! (Pinterest)
A pregnant Mama could definitely wear this!

Thank goodness for JOE Fresh clothing (at a grocery store chain here in Canada), they have some cute summer tops that are inexpensive and will work for a growing belly!

Our next mission will be to get the baby's room I mentioned in a previous post, it is the only room in the house that didn't get painted when we moved in. We I have a pretty good idea of how it will come together, now we just have to do the work!

Enjoy the rest of your Spring Break!!

Excited for her baby sister this summer!

P.S.  Little Miss comes to the front door and says...'I need some help to get my boot!'  I look down at her feet and there is one pink boot and one very wet had walked from the back to the front in the wet snow and slush to come get help!!  So can you not laugh at that...

The boot that almost got away!! I did have
to dig it out, it was down in there pretty good!

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