Sunday, July 01, 2012

Happy Canada Day!!

Today is Canada Day!!  

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I'm sure many of you are planning get togethers and preparing food for your day...we on the other hand, are laying kinda low.  Today is my due date!!  My Doctor is away covering somewhere else this weekend and so I'm taking it easy hoping that baby girl will stay comfy a few more days till he's back during the week!!    I think it's a bit of a comfort to have the Doctor you've come to know and trust over these past nine have them present for that important time.

So, no big BBQ for us today...and maybe no fireworks?!  We usually head to Niagara Falls for their big fireworks, but we usually park way at the top of a hill, grab Little Miss's wagon, fill it with everything and trek down to the grassy area for the show. Well, I can barely get down to the floor, let alone get back up at this point!!  So we'll see if there is something a little closer to home, or maybe Hubby will take her to something close by.  We'll see how the day goes!!

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As you make your way around your towns, cities and down the highways, please take care...enjoy your family and friends!

From our family to yours, Happy Canada Day!!  

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