Thursday, June 30, 2011


 We were in West Virginia in the spring visiting my family and Little Miss and I decided to share some treats with them.

Usually when we bake, we share it with our local family and friends, but since my American family live so far away, we thought it would be nice to make something while in visiting.

We decided on some 'confetti' cupcakes with a homemade lemon buttercream frosting...mmmmm

Since I was away from my own kitchen, I didn't  feel like attempting cupcake batter from scratch...but the next time I would try this one, from Billy's Bakery, in NYC!  My friend at The Grower's Daughter just did a post about how delicious they are!!

Little Miss and I decided that lemon would be a perfect pair for our confetti cupcakes.   I found this recipe on the was DELICIOUS!! Just the perfect amount of sweet and tart...the only thing I altered was the vanilla.  I left it out, I liked it just the way it was without it. My suggestion would be to taste it as you go and then keep adding until it is perfect for you.

After they were done, Little Miss and I frosted them (they were not nearly as 'pretty' as Billy's) and then added some 'Easter' sprinkles to finish them off!

We drove around the town at lunch time and delivered them to our family and friends!


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