Thursday, September 15, 2011

Comfort Food!

Just something quick that you can whip up and enjoy with the cool weather we're having!!

I made this yesterday and it turned out quite yummy!  It didn't look exactly like the picture, but the flavour was there!


I think I had more pasta then what his 'box' had, because mine seemed a little drier than what his looks his, I only used the salt, pepper and minced garlic...oh...and one of the times I salted, I used Lawry's Season Salt, just to see if it would add to the flavour. Plus, I am guilty for adding a bit of sugar to the tomatoe/beef part to help with the acidity a bit (my father in law will like that!  ;D).

Over all, it was definitely comfort food and I did have left overs to freeze for another day!

This is one I'd make again!


What comfort foods are you making?? Share them with my for a future blog!

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