Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Whitty Farms

Around Niagara, there is a farm or stand almost around every corner. We are very blessed to live in such a 'rich' region where there is an abundance of fruits and veggies that grow.

One of our favourite places is, Whitty Farms. I think I was sent there for strawberries by my neighbours a few years ago and we have been going back ever since!!

Once the season gets rolling, they have a wide selection of fruits and some veggies...I always buy my corn is always sweet. I also pick up my tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peppers and BUTTER TARTS there!!  The tarts are SO Grandma also made the yummiest butter tarts, but since she doesn't make them anymore, these are the best substitute I have found!  Sometimes when you go somewhere they look great on the outside, but are too runny inside or just taste like sugar and don't have any 'taste' to them. But these...are awesome!  They also make a selection of other tarts, cookies, quiches and pies there as can smell them baking while picking up your other favourites.

They also sell these yummy looking flatbreads...I want to try to make my own!

There are a couple other stands that we visit when we head out on our errands...around the corner from Whitty's is where I get my cukes and they are the only place I've found peas...the kind you split open and have big, fat, sweet peas to snack on.  We never cook them for a meal, we nibble on them as we drive around and they usually don't make it home!

I already blogged about the stand where I get our peaches...they are SO delicious this year! We have been eating them non-stop!

Here is Little Miss enjoying her butter tart, they were still warm that mouth is watering as I type!  I really just need to get brave and make my own pastry and try my Grandma's recipe! If they turn out, I'll let you know!

As we headed home, we past this sunflower field...I explained to Little Miss how they turn their 'heads' towards the sun and follow it each day...she thought that was pretty neat!

Where are your favourite spots to stop??

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