Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We spent Easter weekend up at my Mom's, enjoying a snow-free holiday!! Usually there are still some piles of snow at least under the trees in the shaded areas...but not this year!!! Spring flowers were well on their way, some green grass poking up through the ground and birds chirping everywhere!!

Egg hunt

On Good Friday, the town held an egg hunt for the kids at the local fairgrounds...there is Little Miss well on her way filling her basket with chocolate eggs!

The end result!

I think the whole hunt was over in about 10-15mins? A girlfriend and I reminisced when we use to go to these egg hunts and how there were creme eggs to find and larger hollow how times have changed.

LIttle Miss and Grammie decorated her tree for Easter while we were up!

Colouring Easter eggs for the Easter dinner table.

One of the little treats the 'Easter Bunny' brought Little Miss.

It was a lovely weekend to be home, no snow, warmer temperatures and great visits with family and friends.

Who could ask for anything better?? It could have been at the beach, that makes everything better.  ;)

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  1. Makes me miss you guys even more...Seeing you this visit to WV was really the best part. Don't let Steve and Roger know I said that!


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