Wednesday, April 25, 2012

7 months!!

I'm a couple of weeks behind with this post, but we've reached the 28 week mark!! This pregnancy has flown by...started off a little rough, but all is well as each week passes!!  Baby is moving around lots, giving me kicks (mostly in the bladder area-OUCH!) and letting me rest most nights without too much disruption!

28 weeks

My Mom just came home from the sunny south and brought back some of the cutest little outfits for the new Babes...she will be a summer baby and Little Miss was a fall baby, so summer clothes are what we were needing. A couple of girlfriends recently passed on summer clothes from their little girls too, so needless to say, I have some laundry to do!  So blessed we are to have all these giving people in our lives!

We haven't really done much in the baby's room...that was actually our project this past weekend, get it started anyway.

We have kept most items from Little Misses nursery...we didn't find out she was a girl until I was about 7 1/2 months along with her. So we had already chosen her crib set and theme.  It was in pastel colours, mainly the soft blues and greens and then we would either accent with  pink or more blue.

The paint colours we have for the new nursery actually go with the crib bedding! So that is extremely helpful, considering the paint was bought pre-baby and is sitting in the closet!!

The other night we went 'glider/recliner' shopping. We have been checking out all the main spots that carry them to see which are most comfortable and have the best price point.  With Little Miss, we just used the 'Lazy-boy' that we had. It seemed great at the time, but ended up that the seat was actually low and each time you tried to stand up with her, it would wake her. Plus it rocked and didn't glide, so our leg muscles burned from having to work so hard at the motion. I'd like to say that I ended up with great leg muscles afterward, but no such luck...guess I needed to 'rock' harder!!

This is the style of chair we have chosen,
now we need to chose our fabric!

So we did find a glider/recliner that we liked...there were lots of different material choices and it is a MUCH nicer quality than the others we have looked at. There is a price difference too!!! But this is a smooth glide and the support of the cushions is a much better quality and it is a larger piece so I looks like a piece of furniture (it needs to go in our living room, since the single bed will be staying in the nursery).

Hubby got right to work as soon as the weekend started. Unfortunately he wouldn't let me in the room (much longer than a peek anyway) while the painting was going on...fumes + pregnancy don't mix.

Scraping the old border off

The border came off super easy (thank goodness) and he was ready to paint shortly after!
We started with the pale blue paint and Little Miss was eager to help with her baby sister's room!

Little Miss hard at work.

Fast forward a few days and walls are all painted. My job now is to tape off the baseboards
so they are ready for another coat of paint. Then we will get the new curtain rod and I've already washed the curtains and then we'll get started at adding the furniture in. I think we will be ahead of our schedule.

Clear Sailing and Pale Sage, both by CIL

Curtain rod from Lowes

Next we will have to tackle the closet and make it more efficient for a baby, instead of 2 horizontal rods!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! We are pretty excited too!

  2. Happy to see your progress! Little Miss is a great help too!
    Look forward to seeing the finished nursery! Guess I'd better get sewing too!


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