Saturday, November 03, 2012


In the spring, we were at the mall in Buffalo, I got to visit my favourite store!

I was first introduced to it by my bosses from the little, white, home decor shop I use to work at. I was visiting NYC for the 1st time, and it was on my list of 'must do's' while there. It is a really eclectic shop...trendy yet still kinda 'earthy' in some ways too...unique items and defienitely the BEST hardware (knobs, drawer pulls) for your furniture.

The first two pictures below were from my first visit to an NYC Anthropologie back in November of 2007.

Hundreds of snowflakes hand cut
from NYC subway maps!

Igloo made from milk or water cool

All I have to say must also visit when when you are near!!

This picture is from this past spring...can you tell what they used to create the window?? It's an ocean theme....

Anthropologie store window

I see mop heads, coffee filters, straws, coloured paper and melted plastic spoons...

What do you see???

Mop heads, coffee filters and plastic cutlery

If you are close by to an Anthropologie, snap a pic and send it my way!!

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