Thursday, May 03, 2012

Auction Time!!

A few weeks ago we were down in Hubby's hometown for a family estate auction. His Grandfather passed away last summer and the time had come to clean out his home.

The auction was held right on the home property, about 30 minuntes outside of town in the country...the river runs right along the edge of the property, such a beautiful spot. It was extremely organized and we had a fantastic turnout!! About 300 people!

Family property

Hubby's Grandparents kept their itmes in immaculate's no wonder everything was gone by the end!  We even purchased a few items that we will be able to enjoy around the house.

Box of old door knobs and such

Pappy's bedroom set was in perfect condition.

Bedroom set

Even Little Miss had a great day, she got to spend it running around the property with her cousin and some other kids that were there.

Playing on the 'big rock'

I think this was my favourite find...Hubby's Grandma was a canner and there were MANY canning jars, which a cousin got because she is also canner.  But she did let me have these beauties below.  I don't know if there is a huge value to them or not, I just have a small collection of the blue Mason jars with my beach glass in them. I would like to use them for pasta, grains etc someday...I just have to find lids for these ones!

Blue Mason Jars

These would also be fun projects with the jars...

I think this next item was one of the key pieces of the was in excellent condition considering the age of it.

About 5 hours later, all was cleaned up and everyone had gone home, except some family members.
I had made a lasagne dinner with caesar salad, garlic bread and a peanut butter fudge cake with peanut butter glaze (I also had some help from my sister in law and niece to pull it off). It was the perfect way to finish off a busy and emotional day...spending time with our loved ones.

We also received some fantastic gifts for the baby from Hubby's Aunt and Uncle. I will save the one I am most excited about for another post!!

Until then....enjoy your weekend!!

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