Wednesday, June 06, 2012

9 months * 36 weeks!!

Finally here!! 9 months of anticipation, nausea and waiting!!

Sunday was 36 weeks, 4 weeks or less to go!!

36 weeks

There are still many 'things' left to do on 'the list'...we are trying our hardest to accomplish the most important ones, without going 'crazy', before the baby arrives.  

This week I plan to pack my bag and baby's things for the hospital...just in case this little one decides to arrive early!  She is sitting SO low....she has turned, which is good, but not dropped...which is also GOOD!!!

Little Miss is getting more and more excited as each week passes. Her kindergarten graduation is also coming up and is VERY close to the due date.  I pray that I am able to be there!!!! I go to accomplish another item off our list before bed!

Night all!!


  1. FINALLY get to see you!! LOL You look great Pam!
    and yes...she is definitely looking like she's getting ready for action judging by the way the baby is sitting in your belly....I'm happy for you guys....any names picked out yet?

    Lisa xo

  2. I am looking forward to our "new arrival" and sharing in the excitement ! See you all soon!
    Love Mom xxoo

  3. Pam, you look amazing! You are the cutest pregnant lady!! Looking forward to reading more :)


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