Saturday, June 02, 2012

Our Saturday afternoon adventure!!

So this was an unexpected event this afternoon...I was driving home from grabbing some bedding plants through our neighbourhood, turned a corner to see a Momma Mallard duck at the corner. I thought to myself, 'why is there a Momma Mallard duck in our neighbourhood?' As I looked in my rearview mirror I saw her circling around the storm drain.

My next thought was...the babies have fallen through the storm drain holes.......

I turned the car around, parked across from the Momma and quietly approached the drain. She was walking around the drain quacking away and I could hear the familiar peeps of the babies coming from the drain below. She was upset, but not with me. I peered into the drain and could see at least 6 babies about 8 feet down, some huddled together and a few swimming around. Call it pregnancy hormones if you wish, but I just couldn't drive away without trying to help them.  I went back to my vehicle and searched my 'Maps' app for the Humane Society number. Got ahold of them and unfortunately they don't handle calls involving wildlife, but they did suggested I call the city 'water' people and see if they could help because the storm drains are locked.

I drove home (a block and a half away) and called the 24 hr emergency hotline number. I immediately reached a very nice man who actually was only about 5 mins away from the storm drain. I borrowed the neighbours pool skimmer (Hubby's idea) and off Little Miss and I went to meet him.

He was already there when we arrived and said that in his 30 years with the city, he had never had something like this happen. He opened the drain and down there we could see 8 little ducklings.

Momma Duck circling the storm drain

He didn't really have anything long enough to grab the ducklings with and then went to make some phone calls to see what else could be done. The whole time the Momma duck was still circling around the drain quacking, never getting too close to fall in herself. She never tried to chase us away, she was just upset being separated from her babies.

After his phone calls, the Fire Department, Station #2 from just down the street, was coming and so was the Humane Society after all!!  Around the corner came the Fire Department Van with the Platoon Chief and one big rig...then along comes another big rig!!! Such excitement for our street!!

Fire Department and City vehicles

After taking a look at the storm drain, one of the Fireman grabbed the pool skimmer and lowered it down to scoop up a duckling. Another Fireman was ready with his gloves on, to grab the duckling and send it off to Momma.  At this point the Momma moved to the other side of the street, quacking away.

The Platoon Chief and Firemen
bringing up the babies

One by one, the ducklings came up, unharmed and instantly made their way to their Momma.  The more babies that came up, the more she settled and made her way back across the street towards the grass and settled down.

Momma with some of her ducklings

The ducklings cleaned themselves off as Momma sat and watched. She ended up relaxing with all 8 of her babies on the grass, just long enough for all of us to take pictures of them before she led them off to a safer place.  

Momma Mallard Duck and her 8 ducklings

I thanked all of the Firemen and the City worker for coming out and helping with the rescue. It was great to see the compassion towards some 'ducks'. Some of the Firemen even took pictures to show their own family members. ;)

A happy ending and very thankful that our prayers were answered!!

I wonder how many cars passed by before me and thought nothing of (or didn't see) that Momma duck?? I'm very thankful that it was brought to my attention and I was able to help.


  1. I believe it was divine intervention....and your Mommie radar! Lucky pun intended...well maybe a little

  2. Oh Pam!

    So happy you stopped! CeCe and I loved the happy ending!

  3. Oh Pam!
    CeCe and I read this together...we are so happy there was a happy ending!

  4. What a great story. Thank you for taking the time to stop and look. I wish more people would look around them and see what's out there. Great job.

  5. Loved your rescue story..reminds me of the time we had to get the fire dept in Daytona to rescue my eye glasses... I like your duckling story and ending far better ! Proud of you taking the time to see those babies and mommy safely together again! Mommy duckling says "Thank You" !
    Love Mom xxoo

  6. I love this story, how a community came together for these sweet little creatures. I thank you for being aware and taking the time out to lead this rescue

  7. OMG!!! I LOVE THIS STORY!!! After a really bad day today I am SO glad I stumbled across it!! This warmed my heart like nothing else. I am SOOOOO happy you got involved and stopped to help and that everyone else involved helped as well!! Shared your story with the lady that runs the Niagara Wildlife Haven... I just know she will love it as well! :)

  8. I'm so glad everyone is enjoying this adventure!! It was 'too happy' not to share!! Thanks for reading!!


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