Monday, June 11, 2012

Bailey and his Friend....

Our latest adventure took place last week around 1:25am....

Let me back up a moment....our cat, Bailey, is the most talkative cat I know...He is a Blue Point Siamese (I've had Siamese all of my life and he is the loudest  most communicative one, hands down). During the warm weather, he becomes an outdoor cat. We rarely have to even change the little box in the summer because he's outside so much!!  Anyway, he is a hunter through and through as our old house, it was almost a daily occurrence to have some kind of small creature sacrificed on our doorstep. Proud as a peach of what he had brought home to show us....(thanks Bailey).

The cute Kitty ~ Bailey the other night at 1:25am, he is howling, meowing outside our bedroom window (clever kitty) and I get up to let him in. In he comes and as I make my way to the bathroom (one of my middle of the night trips) this strong odour hits my nose....UGH....skunk. I'm thinking to myself,'you have to be kidding right?'  No, no...not just something my senses are making up at this hour.

Our chatty Kitty

So I call out to Hubby and he just already knows from my voice that he will be involved....hee, hee.  Up Hubby gets out of bed and we start to gather our ingredients for our concoction.

Now, Bailey hasn't tangoed with a skunk since he was a kitten (he will be 9 this fall)!!  We were living in our 1st apartment when we got him and his first summer he was sprayed 5 (yes FIVE) times in 3 weeks!!!  Our neighbour had a remedy that worked wonders for us...(I don't claim that it is 100%, but we have had great success with it).


~ Hydrogen peroxide - just from the grocery/drug store
~ Baking Soda - the kind I bake with
~ Liquid dish detergent
~ Mixing bowl
~ Jug - to put warm water in
~ Old face cloth/rag
~ Beach towels

** I think that's it, oh and maybe a camera to catch the humour at whatever hour you are doing this??!! **

1.  In your mixing bowl, add equal parts of the peroxide and baking soda, it kinda will be paste like (I usually just eye it).

2.  Add a couple of drops of the dish detergent and mix around.

3.  At this point you can add a bit more peroxide or a bit of water so it's more sloppy than paste like so you can scrub down kitty well.

4.  Put an old towel on the bottom of the tub, have others ready for drying off the cat after.

5.  Take your facecloth or rag and start rubbing this mixture all over the cat like it's the *****

6.  After you've cleaned all parts of your happy cat, take the jug with warm water and rinse all the mixture off (this was Hubby's job to keep refilling it with warm water - cold water might send the cat leaping and clawing at you and a wet, smelly disaster around your house if they break free!! Plus the sound of running the water from the tub could catch kitty off guard - no need to upset kitty any more than I'm sure they already are!!)

7. Make sure kitty is well rinsed and dried well, give them a nice brushing and maybe some treats.  ;)

When I first put Bailey into the tub, his legs and paws kinda got spread out and he hissed at the situation. Then his meowing started, no actually it was more like screaming. He was NOT happy to be wet and being scrubbed down, but he really didn't fight me or it...he just voiced his opinion instead.  Hubby was my right hand man through all of this while I rubbed Bailey down and rinsed him.

Bath time!!

***Ok stop for a mental picture for a moment as well...almost 9 month pregnant lady hanging over tub, scrubbing screaming kitty, in her jammies, in the middle of the night = FUN  Now, Hubby would have definitely done the scrubbing if I had asked him, but I was actually fine doing it and probably the more experienced one with this kinda thing anyway...sometimes a helper is the best part anyway. ***

So Bailey is all rinsed and out of the tub on the old towels getting dried off.  I pick him up in my arms and snuggle him in the towel a bit while drying his face...I finally get a softer look from him and the purring starts. I think he knew we were helping him, as much as he despised the whole process...he got a nice brushing and some catnip. Bailey proceeded to clean himself at this point, while Hubby put beach towels covering his favourite sleeping spots so we didn't have damp furniture in the morning.

Bath time over ~ Getting dried off

It's after 2am by this point, we are cleaning up and thinking about our nice, cozy bed waiting for us. By 2:30am we are in bed and ready to go back to sleep. But now, we are both wide awake and watch the clock for another hour and a half to two hours... sigh ... I guess our bodies are getting prepared for the baby coming?

Clean up time

And who shows up at my bedside about 45 mins later??? Bailey. He wants under the blankets and to sleep with me. He circles around until he finds the best spot on the king size pillow I sleep with between my knees. He's right up against the baby bump and happy as a clam to spend the rest of the night there.

All for the love of a pet.  ;)  On a positive note...he does have the softest fur since his bath!

AND we never heard a peep out of Little Miss during this whole process!!


  1. Great story Pam... leave it to Bailey Blue to add interest to your lives !!
    That reminds me of the time Mom, your Grandmother Devlin rounded the next door cottage one evening after having a Finnish Steam Bath. Luckily I was behind her !! She was sprayed by a skunk. Needless to say..all the "OLD" preparations got tomatoe juice etc..but alas..none worked and she was nicely asked by dad(in bed) to sleep out on the couch for a few, rather nights... Poor mom !! If only we'd had that recipe back then !
    Love you, Mom xo

  2. You surely do have some exciting adventures..!


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