Thursday, July 14, 2011


We are almost 1 year in our new house and are finally getting to the gardens!! They have kinda been put aside as we have worked at putting the rest of the house together and emptying out boxes. All that 'stuff' we've kept for a house 'just in case'!

I have a slight vision of what I'd like the yard to look favourite scenery is the beach, so beach grasses, hydrangeas, peonies (I'm not sure they're at the beach, but I like them) and anything else!

An 'Endless Summer', blue hydrangea bush was a house warming gift from my Grandmother and it has finally come to bloom! HAPPY!!

Last year when we went to Cape Cod for our summer vacation the blue hydrangeas were everywhere!!!  They were stunning!  Since the Cape is one big sand box, the pine trees are everywhere making the soil acidic and a perfect environment for the blue ones to grow!!

I think if I had the choice of places to live, Cape Cod would be in my top three choices...I have such wonderful family memories of summer camping vacations there.  The beautiful beaches, great little towns scattered up and down the Cape, history everywhere, festivals, beautiful homes, delicious sea food resturants and gorgeous scenery.

Breakwater Beach, Brewster, Cape Cod

Chatham, Cape Cod

It also has the four seasons, so you don't miss out on any of them!  I, prefer the warmer weather, but I do have to admit that I am a fan of snow from Dec. 24th to Jan.1st, then it can all go away as far as I'm concerned!! I much prefer to spend my time in the warm, sunny weather (at the beach or by a pool of course) then raking leaves or shoveling snow (oh wait, that's my husband, not me!  ;) )

I really like how this house has the little windows above the door full of white starfish...and the hydrangeas are so plentiful!

Chatham, Cape Cod

This house mansion, made my jaw drop.  I made my husband turn back around so I could video it and get out and take pictures! This picture just does NOT do it justice...It was so beautiful! Oh, and right behind the ocean. Such a beautiful view...I think I'll choose this one to be my summer home.  ;D

This last picture has nothing to do with hydrangeas, but I thought it was such a neat idea...It was in front of a store in downtown Chatham, Cape Cod...someone is super crafty!

What grows in your garden???

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