Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Pittsburgh Zoo!!!

Back in the spring we were visiting our friends in Pittsburgh and we had an outing to the zoo!!
We packed up the 3 kids, 2 bags full of snacks and off we went!

Little Miss was super excited to have her 'very own' zoo key for the day...you put this plastic 'key' into the machines that are in front of most of the animals and it plays music or tells you information about the animal, depending on what way you insert the 'key'.

The day we were there was a 'special' day and they had different craft stations set up around the zoo, so the first thing we came across was a kite craft. Here are the kids finished projects!

We then started to make our way around the zoo to see the animals...this Kangaroo was one of my favourites...I like to call it the 'George Costanza pose', I know it's a little bit different, but it was funny!

We found some play time for the kids after lunch...they both caught on very quickly!  The really enjoyed themselves!

We were quite pleased to see most of the animals out that day..sometimes they are sleeping or relaxing farther away and you can't see them...but this Lioness was right out in the open, looking very regal I'd say!

The Giraffe's are just such awesome creatures...you can't really grasp (or at least I think you can't) until you are up close looking at them...so big and beautiful!

This little baby Elephant was my favourite...all the elephants were inside this day.  The zoo keeper was there and 'she' (I think) kept trying to get into the keepers pockets for the peanuts in there...she was very playful!  The Momma was right next to her, keeping a close eye on her and would go over to her other baby's area, take hay from her and then bring it back to this baby...such intelligent creatures!

The Aquarium was our last stop of the day...these little Water Dragons from down under were really neat...just floating around...wonder what they think of us gawking at them all day??

This was one of my favourite pictures...the one little Penguin looks like he's standing so proudly under his flag...made us all giggle!

Last but not least...as the end of the day approached, Little Miss needed some help getting around...and since Daddy was off fishing with the guys for the weekend, I was like Momma Koala carrying around her baby!

I highly recommend the Pittsburgh Zoo if you are ever in the area!!

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