Monday, May 14, 2012

KidCo PeaPod

I can't even really remember where I orginally saw the PeaPod...I think I was searching online for some sort of baby tent for the beach. Since it will be summer and would like to still go to the beach, even with an infant. I wanted soemthing to protect her from the beaming rays of sun and give me a bit of freedom.

Turns out this is the niftiest little contraption!!  I started to look at them a little more closely and they fold up flat for easy travel!!  They can fit a child up to 2 years old and can come with a small inflateable matress as well!  There are a few models and colours to choose from.

We were blessed by our family members with this model, I like the fun lime green!!

PeaPod-Model P102

Turns out this one also has the self-inflating mattress that slips into it's own little zippered pouch area to keep it protected from baby and the surface it is sitting on.  Some of the models, you have to pump up yourself. I believe all of them are UV protectant and all have the mesh parts on the sides for airflow.

It really is awesome. It comes in this little pouch and as you pull the elastic off of it, it pops open like those tents you throw into the air and they self set up!!  So easy!! There is a short instructional video on the website that shows how easy set up and and take down are.

I am super excited to have it at the beach this summer. That way she is not stuck in her car seat where she could get too hot!  That way I can still play in the sand with Little Miss too!

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