Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Pssst....Guess who's back in business...????

Last year, one of my first posts was about a catalogue company (except for a handful of stores) that  went out of business suddenly. Apparently customers still had orders to be filled and the stores just put signs up and locked the doors one day.  I was so disappointed.  They had such great coastal-y furniture and the prettiest colours to choose from.  They were an inspiration on how to decorate my home as we slowly pull it together.  That store was Maine Cottage.

Nellie End Table

Well.... they are back!!  They were aquired by the company, Russell and Mackenna, and have been able to reopen and keep their same style and quality as before!  As most of you homeowners know, your home is a never ending project of 'I'd like to do this' or 'this room needs to be refreshened', type of I'm happy to report that I have a renewed inspiration for decorating!!

Nina Swivel Chair

As the weather is warming up, there is that urge to purge the items we have been hanging onto 'just in case'....which makes more room for the items that we really want to make our house a 'home'.  

Looks inviting to me!

As the warm weather is approaching, we may get the 'purging' part done in our house, mostly because the baby will be arriving. We have that 'nesting' syndrome going on the redecorating part will be put on hold for a while!!  But at least I have a new website to look at in the wee hours of the night when I am up feeding her!!  :D

As always, while everyone else is 'purging', you can grab their stuff at a fraction of the cost if you like to garage sale!!  There are many treasures out there waiting for your DIY ideas to transform them!!

Remember my chair from last year???  Opps...I just realized I never showed you the desk I transformed!!  I will work on that to show you soon! Promise!

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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