Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lauryn's Photo Shoot

We had always wanted to have Little Miss photographed as an infant by a Baby Photographer, but never got around to it. So this time with Lauryn, we were fortunate enough for the following story to have come together.

A good friend had seen on her Facebook that a local photographer was looking for newborn models for a photo workshop that she was hosting. She passed the information to me, I contacted them and we were selected!!  Lauryn would be 2 weeks old on the photo shoot day.

Hubby and I really didn't know anything about the photographers and were just excited to be involved in the experience.  I figured they were local photographers from the Toronto area, holding a workshop.  Boy were we wrong!!

We arrived that Wednesday morning at the studio, a beautiful one at that, that overlooked a beautifully landscaped backyard onto the Welland River.


Beautiful Backyard

Looking down to the Welland River

Brittany (one of the main photographers~which I didn't know at the time who she was) took Lauryn, stripped her down to her diaper, swaddled her up and started to put her to sleep. We made our way out to the studio to find it full with 12 eager students waiting to learn 'the baby ways' from Carrie and Britt.  Again, we figured all these students were local Niagara/Toronto photographers there to learn.  WRONG AGAIN!!

Looking into the studio

They set up their spot to photograph Lauryn and started to teach about lighting and position and all the 'techy' stuff to do with cameras. Hubby and I stood there amazed as Lauryn was moved and positioned and still sleeping!  We were saying to ourselves...'hurry up and take the pictures before she wakes up!!'  :D We just had no clue how good these ladies were!

Brittany teaching 

Hubby is chatting away with students about where they are from, how did they hear about the workshop etc. Turns out they were from Texas, Florida, Tennessee and someone was even coming from Japan or China for the next workshop!! They proceeded to tell us that these ladies were 'kinda a big deal', kinda like the 'Anne Geddes' of today!!

Turns out their company is called Baby as Art, they are from San Diego and are quite well known! We were completely shocked!! And excited!! They hold a few workshops a year, usually locally for them and then chose another destination and find a site to host one. This year, Daniela Berkhout, from Welland, Ontarion was chosen to host the workshop!

Carrie and Brittany working with Lauryn

We were completely impressed with the professionalism and caring nature of Brittany and Carrie as then worked with Lauryn. We could plainly see that they care about each baby, their demeanour and what their specific needs were. If Lauryn was hungry, they had me feed her, if her diaper needed changing, THEY DID IT!!  And without waking her I might add!  In our opinion they are like 'baby whisperers'! They were fantastic with her.

Shot #1

3 hours later and a sleeping baby, we made our way home!  In return for Lauryn being their model, we received Brittany's photographs of Lauryn in her poses.  We are super excited to have them and to have been apart of this experience!

Below are the professional pictures!

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