Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Picnic yummies!

Yesterday was our church picnic and Hubby and I were in charge of cooking the meat...we had ribs and chicken on the grill....oh how delicious they were!!!

We have learned that the trick to 'fall of the bone' ribs are to follow these few easy instructions!

1. Cut ribs into 4-5 rib sections and place in a large pot, cover with water.
2. Cut a cooking onion into quarters and place into the pot (add another onion if using a large stock pot).
3. Peel 2-3 cloves of garlic and add to the pot as well.
4. Bring pot to a boil and cook for 1.5hrs.
5. Let water and ribs come to room temperature before draining (this is the most crucial step, to tenderize the meat!)
6. Drain water and discard garlic and onions.
7. Place ribs into a ziploc baggie or container and add your favourite BBQ sauce...let marinade for a day!!!!

Last year we used 'The Keg' BBQ sauce, this year I couldn't find it so I bought a few different PC (President Choice) sauces and we mixed them! I used the:
                  PC BBQ Sauce - Bold Original,
                  PC BBQ Sauce - Chicken and Rib and the
                  PC Smokin' Stampede sauce that I used in this blog.

The reviews are in and this year's tasted better!

I also made this salad...

This Orzo with Roasted Vegetables is a Barefoot Contessa recipe and it was super delicious!

I also made this Peach Cobbler by Paula Deen...my first cobbler ever, it went over really well, we came home with one serving left!  The only thing I'd alter, is to add some more peaches to it (like maybe 2 more peaches cut up)...and I did put the cinnamon on it!

What delicious picnic favourites are you making this summer?? Let me know!! 

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