Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spray painting!

Yesterday, Hubby and I got some things around the house done...the weather was beautiful to be outside and we didn't have any commitments. Our neighbour actually had a garage sale and I picked up a cute little metal shelf for our 'cabana'.  

What 'magic' a little spray paint can do!!  I am usually the one who plays it safe and sprays/paints it white, but I changed my mind this day!

  This little plant stand had some pretty good rust spots on it, so I used a wire brush and brushed away at it!  It actually use to be my Grandma's...what a great retro piece!!

This black shelf is the one I got from my neighbour's garage had quite a few rusty spots and bubbles that I also took the wire brush didn't really even out the bumps, but it did get rid of most of the flakes that would show rust spots if it came off after I sprayed it.

And now here are the finished results!!!

This time I thought a 'pop' of colour would be nice for my soon-to-be painted white cabana...I found an aqua spray paint good for metal and thought it would be fun since I am planning on a   'beachy' feel in there.

I really like how this one turned out... all the bumps are not got from the top as I couldn't get it scraped completely flat, but I figure that something will likely be on top of it anyway.

I really don't have an exact place in mind for these yet...I am just believing that all my treasures will fall into their perfect place as I put the room together (Hubby keeps wondering 'why do I need another piece??') He will understand when it all falls together....

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

P.S. I know my fonts are all different this post..but I did some copying and pasting and can't get them all the they are just going to stay the way they are!!  ;)

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